The Central Outpost


1. General Usage
1.1. Users who have not previously registered a User Account are eligible to register for one. Only one User Account per person is allowed.
1.2. Users may not log in or use another person's account to browse this site or post or transmit information. Users may not impersonate other Users.
1.3. Providing Accurate User Information
1.3.1. Users must provide accurate information during registering a user account and upon making any subsequent updates to their account.
1.3.2. Users are required to continuously update information about them that is located on this Site (i.e. if a User's information has changed, such as e-mail address, the User is required to update that information within his/her profile). Out-of-date or inaccurate information stored within a user account may lead to the account's active removal (ban) or deletion.
1.4. User Material
1.4.1. Users may not post or transmit offensive material or links to offensive material using their account. Offensive material includes, but is not limited to, false, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, threatening, racist, profane, sexually-oriented, privacy-invading, or law-violating material. The Central Outpost will ultimately determine what is considered "offensive material." The Central Outpost reserves the right to remove such offensive material from its Site, and take necessary actions to prevent Users, who are known to have posted or transmitted offensive material, from violating the User Agreement again. Such actions could include banning the User and possibly taking legal action against the User.
1.4.2. Users remain solely responsible for the content of any material they post on this Site or send to the Central Outpost for posting. The Central Outpost cannot be held liable for damages done by users posting offensive, illegal, or inaccurate material.
1.5. Password
1.5.1. Users may not give their password out to anyone. Doing so clearly compromises a User's user account and any accounts attached to a User's user account, such as a clan or forum account.
1.5.2. The Central Outpost will never ask you for your password.
1.6. The Central Outpost may access any user accounts and make any changes to them it deems necessary without notice.
1.7. The Central Outpost reserves the right to revoke (ban) a User's access to an account for violating the User Agreement, or at its discretion.
2. Clan Accounts
2.1. Clan Accounts are offered to owners ("leaders") of a gaming clan organization. Users may not apply for a clan account if they are in an auxiliary position within their clan, such as "member."
2.1.1. If there is more than one leader in a clan, it is up to the leaders to decide who will be considered the "owner" and take on the responsibility of the clan account.
2.1.2. The Central Outpost will ultimately determine who is the owner of a clan. If a User owns a clan but does not own the clan account representing their clan, that User is required to contact the Central Outpost so ownership rights for the clan account can be granted. The User should not apply for another clan account, because that is in clear violation of the User Agreement.
2.1.3. A User applying for a clan account for a gaming clan that he/she does not own is completely unacceptable. Depending on the motivation for the action, Users who violate this part of the Agreement may be banned from the Site.
2.2. It is not guaranteed that all organizations that consider themselves "gaming clans" will be given a clan account. Users who own a gaming clan may apply for a clan account, but the account will only be approved at the discretion of the Central Outpost.
2.3. A clan may not apply for more than one clan account. If a User signs up for more than one user account with the intent of applying for another clan account, the User will be banned and the clan account(s) may be rejected or deleted.
2.4. Providing Accurate Clan Information
2.4.1. When submitting a clan account application, clan owners must provide detailed and accurate information about their clan. Said information may not contain offensive material or links to offensive material.
2.4.2. Clan accounts too are required to be continuously updated by their owners. Out-of-date or inaccurate information stored within a clan account may lead to the Central Outpost marking the account as "dead," rejecting (banning) the account, or permanently deleting it.
2.5. Transferring Ownership/Major Alterations
2.5.1. Users who own an approved clan account have the ability to transfer the ownership of the account to another User. Users may only transfer the ownership of their clan account to another User if the owner of the account is no longer the owner of the clan.
2.5.2. Transferring a clan account to another User other than the clan's owner is not allowed.
2.5.3. Altering a clan account so that it no longer represents the clan it was originally intended to represent is not allowed.
2.5.4. If a User owns a clan account that represents a clan that has died (no longer an active gaming organization) or that has made major alterations to itself so that it is no longer the clan it once was, the clan account should be marked as dead. If the User wishes to apply for a new clan account for his/her new clan, the User should forfeit ownership of his/her previous clan account and apply for a new clan account.
2.6. If a User or clan is found to have violated this Agreement or is suspected of violating this Agreement, the clan account associated with the clan may be locked, suspended, or permanently rejected (banned), depending upon the severity of the violation.
2.7. The Central Outpost reserves the right to access and modify clan accounts in any way it chooses at any time.
3. Data
3.1. Data stored within or transmitted through the Site is the sole responsibility of the User. The Central Outpost will make every attempt to insure that data is not lost or compromised, but nothing can be promised. Users should make sure to locally backup any data they have posted or transmitted through this Site. Users should also make sure not post or transmit any personal or otherwise private information through this Site for security reasons.
4. Damages
4.1. The Central Outpost cannot be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of using the Site or information and/or software downloaded from the Site.
5. User Content
5.1. User-submitted content makes up a great deal of the Site. The Central Outpost will do its best to keep the information contained within such content accurate, but the Central Outpost cannot validate all of it. It is the Users' responsibility to check the accuracy of the information before acting on it.
5.2. The opinions and views expressed within the User-submitted content are not necessarily the opinions or views of the Central Outpost.
5.3. By submitting content to the Central Outpost, Users are giving the Central Outpost permission to publish and distribute the content at its discretion without paying any commission to the author(s). This content's format may be altered and the information contained within the content may be modified for validity and grammar.
5.4. Users may not submit copyrighted content unless that content belongs to them or they have written permission from its author(s). Users will be banned and legal action may be taken against them if they choose to submit copyrighted material.
6. Privacy Policy
6.1. Protecting Users' privacy is highly important to the Central Outpost. The Central Outpost will not give out a User's e-mail address, with few exceptions, or otherwise let a User's e-mail address be obtained through its site by third parties.
6.1.1. If a User chooses to participate in a contest and the sponsor of the contest's prize requires the User's e-mail address to contact him/her, the Central Outpost will provide them with it. The Central Outpost cannot be held responsible for how the sponsor uses a User's e-mail address. It is ultimately up to the User to decide whether to enter himself/herself or his/her clan into a contest.
6.1.2. If a legal complaint arises concerning a User, the Central Outpost reserves the right to provide any and all information it has about the User to the requesting party.
6.1.3. The Central Outpost may use Users' e-mail addresses to contact them at its discretion.
6.2. Information the Central Outpost Collects
6.2.1. The Central Outposts collects only information Users choose to transmit to us, with the exception of a user's IP address, which is intermittently recorded for security purposes.
6.2.2. The Central Outpost uses cookies to identify Users. Any information stored in said cookies contains usernames, passwords, system information (such as IP addresses) and possibly timestamps indicating a User's last activity on the Site. If a User has disabled cookies on his/her computer, the User may not have as much access to the site as he/she would if cookies were enabled.
7. User Agreement Amendments/Alterations
7.1. The Central Outpost has the right to make amendments and/or alterations to this Agreement without notice. Such amendments/alterations take effect upon publication of the altered Agreement.