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Active and Recruiting
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Patrick Gowland
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OutKasts is an Online Community of gaming enthusiasts joining together in order to better themselves in the field of gaming.

Together with Gamers we strive to produce solutions to your problems, discuss various strategies and further our personal knowledge by learning from fellow players.

We strive to bring you the latest gaming news and information and everything else related to gaming.

Feel free to add your own clan details in the forums.

We are looking for PC, PS3 and XBOX 360 players to join in our little community.
Games Played (right)
(PC) ArmA 3
(PC) Battlefield 1
(PC) Battlefield 3
(PC) Battlefield 4
(PC) H1Z1: Just Survive
(PC) H1Z1: King of the Hill
Member Since (right)
April 19, 2012
Last Updated (right)
July 20, 2021 at 09:38:52 am GMT
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